My writing experience is extremely varied. I wrote for international magazine Burlesque Bible, I was also their online editor and social media coordinator for some time.




What I truly loved about that experience was being part of a community where women of all shapes and sizes were body positive and proud. I also adored being given the opportunity to tell the complex, often tragic stories of some of history’s most infamous women such as Bettie Page, Lily St Cyr and Gypsy Rose Lee.

I have written for The Society Pages about Unqualified Teachers,  Zero Hours contracts,  and Politics and Social Media in Tory Britain.

I also ran my own blog on healthy living, called Living Little and Fierce, and interviewed inspirational women (Olympic Weight lifting champion Michaela Breeze, and young CrossFitter Madi Farley) for BoxRox Magazine.

These topics probably seem very random, but what ties them together is my greatest passion – telling real women’s stories.

In August 2014 I moved to Ecuador with my husband. Whilst here I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to finish writing my debut novel, which is, at its core, a story about women trying to cope with modern life. It is called The Fire Fox and the Harvest Moon and I am equal parts excited and horrified to share it with the world.


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