Finding Your Niche

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I have found throughout my life that I am not one to commit to things. I don’t mean people, I’m as loyal as they come, I mean interests, hobbies, fashions, trends. I suppose if you were being generous you could say that I have a broad and varied interest in the world. Alternatively you could see me as someone who half arses everything. I was pretty committed to being a hippy for quite some time but that took, well, the opposite of effort. A lack of effort if anything. In the past I’ve had dalliances with burlesque (writing about it and watching it, not performing I might add) but, although I still really like it, the sparkle wore off for me after a while. I have travelled a lot over the years but I wouldn’t call myself a traveller by any means. I have been having an on/ again off again love affair with CrossFit and paleo eating for some time now and I still love it, but I’m like Dory from Finding Nemo – easily distracted. I’ve recently taken up photography as a way to get attention from my husband because I’m jealous of how good my husband is at it so I fancied giving it a go myself. I like it, I really do, but I will probably never advance beyond the basics. I’m just not dedicated enough to learn. Lately I have been enjoying combining two of my favourite things – dogs and photography – so I guess you could say my newest hobby is dogography. It’s actually really tricky because animals don’t tend to sit still for very long.

Dooki and friend at sunset

It is interesting to me that in the world of blogging, the common advice is to find your niche and stick to it. I can see how that would work if you were a beauty blogger, a fashion blogger, or a food blogger, but what if you’re not? What if you don’t have a niche and don’t know where you fit in? I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as a lifestyle blogger and I think anyone who’s made such a pig’s ear of their own life would have a bloody cheek to set themselves up as some kind of guru to others. So what am I then? Is there a niche for chubby, childless, food addicted, animal obsessed women in their late thirties who like clothes and makeup but are too lazy to bother most of the time? If so – yay! If not, I’m not sure I mind. I guess if you are setting yourself up as a brand and want to monetize your blog then those things are important but my goals are to keep writing and just hope that people read it, and like it enough to come back.


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8 thoughts on “Finding Your Niche

  1. I would say, Joski, after reading your interesting post, you’re the niche.
    We are all unique individuals, and it’s not always the case of us being able to stand on one platform, stick to one scheme, be keen to join one group.
    You’re a mixture, a variety of things that flow through, and you grab what’s most valuable for you from all of these.
    Life is difficult, but also beautiful – no point limiting yourself to a label. Much better to be yourself, and have as many colourful stickers as you wish!!

    All the best, and thank you for sharing your thoughts in the post.:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What an incredibly kind and thoughtful comment, thank you so much it is very much appreciated. I think you are absolutely right we are all individuals and we should celebrate that. 🙂


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