The Beautiful Blood Red Moon

lunar eclipse, moon, eclipse, super moon, blood moon, red moon, astronomy
The lunar eclipse from Quito, Ecuador by George Byrne

Every now and again an event or occurrence will be so huge that it will enter the global collective consciousness and unite us all, around the world, regardless of language, religion, race or gender. Often these events are of a tragic nature such as the Syrian refugee crisis, or are just plain alarming, like when we found out the British Prime Minister had put parts of his body where he shouldn’t. Sometimes it is sport that unites us, think of the World Cup or the Olympics for example, and in these times of the deification of celebrities, when social media is everything, it is all too often the life events of pop stars or actors that draw us together – the marriage of that arrogant rapper and the one with the big bum springs to mind. Occasionally we quite rightly pause to say goodbye to a special someone, like Nelson Mandela, who had a profound effect on the world.

lunar eclipse, moon, eclipse, super moon, blood moon, red moon, astronomy
The Lunar eclipse from Brighton by Toby Melville

Last night we looked, as one, up at the clear night sky and gasped in wonder at the beautiful moon. All around the world we were stopped in our tracks by the astounding majesty of nature and remembered, justΒ for a little while, what a magical world we live in. Isn’t that incredible?

For more images of the lunar eclipse/ blood moon around the world check out this gallery on The Guardian website


14 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blood Red Moon

  1. I always love looking up to the sky and knowing it is the same sky my family is looking at around the world and the same sky people many years before me have looked up at. Such a beautiful thing this vast universe of ours.

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