Conquering the Mountain

My husband George looking thrilled to be at the top
My husband George looking thrilled to be at the top

On Sunday night my husband and one of his oldest friends climbed Ecuador’s most active volcano, Cotopaxi, which reaches a height of 5,897 metres. It was a long trek, 11 and half hours in total, and the following afternoon two broken men stumbled through my front door. It’s not the first time George has summited Cotopaxi but since his first successful attempt in 2010 the route has changed making the climb significantly longer and more challenging, not least of all because the volcano has been particularly active of late and is spewing toxic sulphuric gases. So massive eggy farts.

Our friend Rhys weeping gently
Our friend Rhys weeping gently

I used to think that I would one day climb a mountain but I have since come to the happy realisation that it simply isn’t for me. My legs are too short, my lungs are too weak, and quite frankly I’d rather sit down with a cup of tea and read a good book. Besides, I’ve got my own mountains to climb and they are significantly lower, but no less challenging in their own way. We all have those big things in our life that we need to conquer. It might be speaking in public, retraining for a new career, or returning to work after having children. However big or small our own personal mountain is, all we can do is go one step at a time and try and remember that no matter how difficult it seems, it will be worth it in the end. And when you encounter a particularly stinky, nasty bit, just keep walking.


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