On the Move

My husband George and I have been together for almost nine years. In that time we have lived in thirteen different houses, had about fifteen jobs between us, and done four degrees (five if you include my teacher training). Today we are moving for the third time this year and I’m not going to lie I’m … More On the Move

The Jungle is Massive

Originally from England, I am lucky enough to currently live in Ecuador, which is one the most bio diverse countries in the world. It boasts mountains, beaches, rainforests, and The Galapagos Islands. I have visited the outskirts of the rainforest before and other areas, known as cloud forest, but until last weekend I had never … More The Jungle is Massive

Book Hangover

As as a huge fan of Rachel Joyce’s debut novel The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry I was a little reluctant to read her second for fear of being disappointed. I needn’t have worried, I loved it. I’ve just finished Perfect and I am experiencing that familiar feeling of sadness that you get when you come … More Book Hangover


I’m having a very weepy day today and I’m not sure why. I think it is partly sadness for a friend and partly because I know that in the very near future my time here in Ecuador will be coming to an end. My husband George and I face another two months apart (nowhere near … More Weepy

Conquering the Mountain

On Sunday night my husband and one of his oldest friends climbed Ecuador’s most active volcano, Cotopaxi, which reaches a height of 5,897 metres. It was a long trek, 11 and half hours in total, and the following afternoon two broken men stumbled through my front door. It’s not the first time George has summited Cotopaxi but … More Conquering the Mountain